First Impressions of Burlamaqui

English: Engraved portrait of Jean-Jacques Bur...

English: Engraved portrait of Jean-Jacques Burlamaqui (1694-1748), a Swiss jurist and philosopher. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First Impressions of Burlamaqui: what do you find difficult, challenging, or intriguing? How far away (philosophically) are we from Kant and Mendelssohn?

Burlamaqui is dealing with much more basic concepts than Kant and Mendelssohn. What I mean is that, he begins with analyzing the building blocks of societies. He questions what is natural right and natural law, and comes up with detailed definitions of each. In particular, he differentiates between the concept of right and the concept of obligation, and notes that these terms are correlative. I found his essay difficult, challenging, and intriguing. His approach to first defining definitions and then laying out his arguments is very effective. It allows him to control language and prevents the reader from using their own definitions for concepts that he uses.

Williams, David. The Enlightenment. Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge UP, 1999. Print.

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