Upcoming Publications

“Like Fireflies,” London Literature Project, August 2012

  • London Literary Project champions poetry and flash fiction inspired by our namesake city.
  • For 2012 London Literary Project is launching the London Clock. Through poetry and flash fiction, the London Clock will be constructed, minute by wonderful minute, through the work of London writers and those inspired by our city. Writing will focus on a particular time of day anywhere in London, and once brought together each individual piece will help to create a picture of the city’s many faces, and the faces of the city’s many people, in a 24 hour period. See londonlitproject.com

Audio of “The Other Mrs. Pfeiffer,” Word Play Sound, (Forthcoming September 2012)

  • Through a monthly podcast of thought-provoking literature, WordPlaySound gives accents and dialects, language and cadence an opportunity to flourish in ways they couldn’t on a written page. Available on iTunes. See WordPlaySound.com

“McKenna’s Black Range Tales: Chronicling Sixty Years of Life and Adventure in the Southwest,” Thresholds: Home of the International Short Story Forum, (Forthcoming September 2012)

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