Rossetti, Remember

The narrator in the poem wants the reader to remember her. It can be interpreted literally and understood to mean that the narrator has gone away to another land. But it is more likely that the going away actually refers to death, mainly as a result of the phrase “silent land.” The narrator wants to be remembered even when she’s not there on a daily basis but she shows love for the person she addresses by relieving him from the burden of guilt. In particular, Rossetti writes “Yet get me for a while/and afterwards remember, do not grieve.” The dead narrator wants this person to go on with his life by rising above his grief and not succumbing to it through guilt. The narrator’s love it is also evident in the last lines where she says, “Better by far you should forget and smile/then that you should remember and be sad.” While she wants to be remembered, she does not want that more than this person’s happiness.

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