I have finished reading Norton’s Guide to Creative Writing and have been super busy with working on my PhD papers. I’m also in the final stages of a longer short story, though the way this editing is going, it’s not going to be that long (~2500 words).

Tentatively titled “Nadezhda,” it started out as a flash fiction piece. I try to write a solid 500 words (edited) per week and have been quite successful thus far, for the last 15 weeks. As a result, I’m currently on Flash Fiction piece #15, of which “Nadezhda” started on #9. 6 weeks times 500 words equals 3000 words- I guess that seems about right. Though as I remember it, I had the carcass of the story in about a week and have since been editing and rewriting substantially.

Another update on the other Flash Fiction pieces: of the other eight, all but 2 have found homes for publication. Two of them (Freight Hopper and Dead Blackbirds) have been combined into slightly longer pieces of Flash Fiction.